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If you are looking for effective and high quality options in relation to the manufacture of paper goods for your brand, then let us point out that Shelmex is that company that will give you 100% guaranteed results.

Working with paper has become a very important issue. It is a raw material that is renewable and can also be reused, which is positive for both companies and the environment.

Other types of products that are manufactured with different material simply represent an increase in the amount of waste that human beings leave in their wake, and even negatively affect our planet.

Now, if you need to entrust the production of the paper products that your company requires to a responsible company; Shelmex is the right one for the job. If you want to know more about what this Mexican company has to offer in the field of paper goods production, read on.

Shelmex and its work as a paper goods manufacturer

It should be noted that Shelmex is a company with extensive experience in the manufacture of paper and cardboard products, which gives it a high level of expertise in relation to print finishes.

They are Cardboard box manufacturers and among the various paper and cardboard products made by this company are: piñatas, as well as luxury packaging, which are used in the distribution of certain internationally famous tequila brands

We can add that, being Shelmex a company that among its functions is responsible for the manufacturing paper, it generates millions of shopping bags of this material, as well as greeting cards annually. In this regard, all its experience is distributed in the following areas.

The importance of paper goods in this type of production

Paper goods, manufacturing paper

We must bear in mind that paper is a totally innovative bet that allows us to generate creativity from sustainability. For this reason, it is the material of a future that is definitely already with us and is the great protagonist of a true technological, economic and environmental revolution.

However, the paper products manufacturing industry has a very rich mixed product. There are more than 500 totally different types of paper. And this variety of raw materials allows paper manufacturing companies to generate products that certainly respond to new functionalities that simply did not exist years ago.

It is precisely there where Shelmex enters as a company, being part of that group of companies that make paper and cardboard their main raw material to offer quality products. That is why it can be your best ally in the production of paper products.

How Shelmex contributes to the manufacturing process of the products.

If Shelmex is already a possible partner for the production of your paper products, we can tell you how it works so you can choose the option that best suits your production requirements.

Outsource manufacturing

Through Manufacturing Outsourcing, companies that have decided to move their operations to Mexico, but lack a manufacturing partner, find in Shelmex the answer to that need. So, the customer or company provides raw materials, manufacturing equipment if needed and all the production specifications and Shelmex takes care of the rest. Therefore, your company can rest assured that it has a serious company by its side that certifies quality production.

Contract manufacturing

The contract manufacturing option allows you to create a partnership with the customer so that you can decide on the best combination of raw material ownership, as well as the supply of components and manufacturing equipment to develop the manufacturing and distribution processes, in this case, of the requested paper goods.

So, if your company is related to the production of paper products and you need a manufacturer in Mexico that meets the standards that your product needs, Shelmex is that manufacturing ally that can accompany you in your manufacturing process in this country. This way you will be able to reach your local customers in a much more effective and faster way.

You will have the peace of mind of having a local production that has the same standards and the same quality that your company offers from its headquarters. Shelmex is concerned about the correct execution of the requirements that the customer establishes for the manufacture of its paper products.

Shelmex then assures you a high quality production of Mexican origin following each of the guidelines given so that the manufacture of paper goods is just as if your own company had carried it out.

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