Industries We Serve

Paper goods

Paper Goods

Effective and high quality options in relation to the manufacture of paper goods for your brand, then let us point out that Shelmex is that company that will give you 100% guaranteed results.

Subassembly of Electronics & Others

Subassembly of Electronics & Others

Responsible company that generates high quality results in its production, that understands to the letter your instructions and requirements to develop your product.

Party Flavors

Party Favors

The party ideas can indeed become very varied as well as the options in terms of decoración and details that complement a festivity.

Disponsable Face Mask

PPE: Disposable Face Masks

Need a hospital face mask manufacturers or disposable face masks for sale to the general public, then Shelmex is undoubtedly who you need to partner.

Electrical wire harnesses

Electrical Wire Harnesses

When we talk about the manufacture of wiring harnesses we refer to a series of cables or wires, which are aligned in order to provide an efficient transfer of information or electronic signals.

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