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Wood fiber is a thermo-acoustic insulating element obtained from shredded wood. And to this it can be added certain elements, with the objective that the wood fibers manage to acquire certain properties. As for example to make them fireproof or to protect them from the attack of insects or rodents.

Wood fiber can in fact be a very interesting material as a thermal insulator, as well as for acoustic insulation. We can see how it is a perfect material to combat low temperatures and also high temperatures. Although it is also a material that is often used in wooden roofs to isolate the place from the noise coming from the outside.

It should also be noted that it is a material that is being increasingly used by architects and engineers, as it is a type of material that offers a number of very attractive features.

We can also point out that wood fiber is perfect for saving costs! it has a very high energy efficiency and it is also environmentally friendly. It is a material of natural origin and totally renewable.

Now, one of the industrial uses of wood fiber has to do with the manufacture of evaporative coolers pads, for which of course we find factories that are responsible for this type of processing. If you are reading this article, it is probably because your company is of this type.

But beyond talking about the application and use of wood fiber, what we offer you is the option of finding an ally in the manufacture of products that use wood fiber as raw material for the construction of the same.

Within the field of wood manufacturing Mexico you can find a company with which you can count on and establish an effective business relationship. Know what we mean!

How can Shelmex help your company?

As a company related to the manufacture of items that make use of wood fiber as raw material, if you need help in relation to the manufacture of certain products, you can count on Shelmex’s support to achieve the objectives that your company has established.

First of all, XS Solutions is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and selling evaporative cooling pads for both the North American and global markets.

Its ownership group is vertically integrated to Shelmex, something that stands out is the fact that as a company they own the land, so they cultivate and harvest the trees they use to generate their production.

This company carries out the wood shredding process and manufactures the cushions, as well as taking care of all the logistics for shipping the final product to the customer.

The trees that are grown are destined for the construction of pallets and those trunks that are not used for this purpose, become the waste from the construction of the same, and are used to create the shavings that make up the cooling cushions.

That said, it is clear that you can count on this company for the production of your items made of wood fiber, whether it is aspen wood or other types of wood.

What you get by partnering with Shelmex

Whether it is aspen pads or any other product made with wood fiber, your company can perceive a series of benefits by partnering with Shelmex, once you decide to delegate your production processes.

In this regard, we can point out several aspects that will undoubtedly benefit your company. For example, you can choose the type of service you wish to acquire from Shelmex, which means that you have two options by which you can establish production business relationships.

On the one hand, it offers you the option of subcontracting manufacturing. This is an option that fits perfectly for all those companies that have decided to move their operations to Mexico, but in order to continue with those operations they need a manufacturing partner such as Shelmex.

If this is the option selected to give continuity to your wood fiber related production, then as a customer you must provide the raw material, equipment to generate the manufacturing (this only if necessary) and of course, your specifications for the manufacturing of your product, then you only have to let Shelmex do the rest.

Finally, you have the option of contract manufacturing, here we can say that Shelmex becomes your manufacturing partner in Mexico. In addition, a strong partnership is created with the customer, in this case, your company if you so choose, in order to decide together what is the best combination of raw material ownership, component supply and manufacturing equipment. And finally, together, to identify potential opportunities for some components to be sourced in Mexico.

So choosing Shelmex as your partner in the field of wood fiber products manufacturing or fiber production will be a safe choice that will bring you the best benefits and results.

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