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Electronics Manufacturing in México

Before starting to mention Shelmex’s work in this area, it is worth mentioning that the Subassembly is a set of linked parts that generate a mechanism. And when different subassemblies are put together, a finished assembly is achieved.

In mechanics or electronics, these assemblies help to generate circuits or parts can function properly. It should also be noted that every electrical or mechanical device has subassemblies inside. This provides characteristics such as mobility, precision and certainty to the functions for which each general assembly is made.

Electronic subassemblies are used in a wide variety of consumer electronic products. So, we can see them present in the small household appliances that we use at home, such as the microwave oven. But also in portable multimedia file players, among others.

Now, as already mentioned, subassemblies are composed of subassemblies. So, inside a microwave for example, we find heating elements as well as, electrical plugs and the actual control panel. Within these parts there may be smaller groups of parts or “subassemblies”.

That said, we can say that “subassemblies” are also known as “subassemblies” especially within the field of electronics and electronic accessories manufacturers where they have the function of connecting circuits or parts in a way that allows them to perform a specific task.

Trust your subassembly process in Mexico to Shelmex

If you are looking for a responsible company that generates high quality results in its production, that understands to the letter your instructions and requirements to develop your product, then Shelmex is undoubtedly the company you need as an ally in Mexico.

Regarding subassembly, they are experts in the subject, including the electronic elements. All the experience acquired in their wiring harness division enables them to carry out this type of tasks.

Applying strict quality controls and continuity tests on a daily basis, it is important to highlight the fact that the subassembly division that Shelmex offers to other companies is totally agile and flexible, with the capacity to execute its operations in only two months.

electronics manufacturing in México

What Shelmex offers to help your company with sub-assembly process?

Once you establish a business relationship with Shelmex for the Manufacture of electrical & electronic components you will be getting help to control and manage your entire supply chain. Thanks to a team of experts in sourcing, purchasing, logistics and quality control.

This allows the manufacturing and delivery of your final product, just in time and under the quality standards that were previously agreed upon.

We cannot forget that Shelmex develops its subassembly process under an “open book” cost structure, which is more efficient and competitive. Since it is in charge of charging a small margin on the materials purchased. This avoids generating a significant impact on the final price of the product.

It is a work structure that allows any type of reduction in the cost of materials, whether generated by SHELMEX or by the client, to be faithfully reflected in the final price of the product generated.

Shelmex is synonymous to responsibility and compliance

When a company delegates one of the phases of its production to other companies, they do not do it because they cannot handle the task, but because they are looking to speed up production, even if it is a matter of space. If this is your case, or you simply want to expand to other locations and need an ally, Shelmex can help you.

When entrusting your subassembly process or subassemblies if it is an electronics manufacturer we can tell you that Shelmex also has a fulfillment and last mile department, which guarantees the customer that their product will be delivered directly to the end user. Implementing a reduction in delivery times, as well as in costs and expenses related to inventory control and warehousing for Shelmex customers.

Benefits you can enjoy with Shelmex as an ally in your subassembly processes

Having the business and industrial support of Shelmex in Mexico for the subassembly of electronics Mexico, allows you to have the following benefits:

  • First of all it provides support to each of its customers, this thanks to the complete value chain of manufacturing and delivery of products.

  • It also allows a quick implementation of production and distribution capabilities.

  • It contributes to lower overall production costs and minimal risk.

It only remains to say that Shelmex will be that manufacturing company that you can count on for your subassemblies in Mexico. You can then think of an expansion of your company to meet the demand of the final product in this part of the world in a broader way.

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