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Packaging is also a type of marketing that can be applied by any company. Now, some apply it more effectively than others, but it is basically how you present a product to a customer, addressing everything that has to do specifically with the packaging of the product.

Be it boxes, containers, bags, among other packaging, for a company this aspect of its production must be taken into account to give it the importance it deserves. Well, your sales will also depend on this. A well-designed packaging attracts the customer and is one more point in favor of buying a certain product.

Luxury packaging, Premium packaging, packing manufacturing
Luxury packaging, Premium packaging, packing manufacturing

Some companies are in charge of their own packing manufacturing processes, not only designing but also manufacturing their own packaging methods. However, there are also companies that carry out this work in a specific way, thus providing assistance in the packing manufacturing process that some companies require to complete their manufacturing process.

However, many companies also need help in finding packing solutions that allow them to generate a more customized packaging manufactured with high quality standards. This without considerably affecting the company’s budget or the final price of the product that will be packed in boxes, crates, containers, bags…

How then can these companies find a solution to this need to find a business partner that allows them to meet and achieve their packaging objectives? The answer to this is simple, they should look for a paper box manufacturer or a company with similar production characteristics.

Such a company will be able to specifically take care of the entire manufacturing process that the packaging of a product needs to go to market. And this is precisely what Shelmex is capable of doing for your company, we will tell you in more detail below.

Shelmex is your best ally in the packaging manufacturing process

As we have already mentioned Shelmex can be that paper box manufacturer that can help you in your packaging process, manufacturing whatever you require to package your product.

In this regard, Premium Bag and Box Manufacturing or PB&B provides luxury packaging solutions in North America. It has proven skills as well as exceptional manufacturing and quality control practices that maximize results for each of our customers.

PB&B’s beginnings were generated as part of an organic growth and vertical integration for SHELMEX, allowing it to bring its services as a packaging manufacturer to industries such as: liquor, consumer electronics, food and beverage, health and beauty, medical devices, cannabis, among many others.

In addition to this, it should be noted that it has a team of professionals who are highly qualified to carry out the production of packaging with the best production standards you can find. This staff is always available to meet the needs that customers present.

Going through design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing, all in one place. It is necessary to remember that with Shelmex you have several types of manufacturing that your company can establish if you are looking for packaging box manufacturers. Let’s see!

Manufacturing solutions that Shelmex offers

On the one hand, you can work through subcontracting. In this way, your company provides the raw material needed to manufacture your order as well as the manufacturing equipment if necessary. This, of course, together with the specifications for the manufacturing of the packaging you need.

We can also work under contract, where Shelmex will be your manufacturing partner in Mexico for rigid box manufacturing, just to give an example. Under this model Shelmex performs the contract manufacturing process and in addition, a partnership is created with the customer so that the best combination of raw material ownership, supply, components and manufacturing equipment can be decided. Together they will identify potential opportunities for components to be sourced locally.

Luxury packaging, Premium packaging, packing solutions
Luxury packaging, Premium packaging, box manufacturers

Important packaging tips

Packaging, whether it is applied to products sold online or in physical stores, must be eye-catching and different, so that it can capture the attention of consumers.

Within online commerce, packaging will reinforce the purchase decision and the satisfaction of the purchase and within physical commerce it plays a fundamental role in the attraction and differentiation from the competition.

Thus, when implementing packaging, companies carry out studies and strategies based on color, design and types of packaging, which are oriented to make their product stand out and be more attractive to their target audience.

But in addition to having a good appearance, it must also be a very well manufactured packaging. This is where companies like Shelmex come in, creating packaging options that are not only visually appealing, but also durable and with the best quality to allow you to store your product safely.

Trust your packaging production to Shelmex and you will obtain excellent results that will be reflected in the satisfaction of your customers, by providing them with a packaging that is pleasing to the eye but also reliable, because if it is of high quality, your product will reach the hands of your consumers completely protected.

Luxury packaging, Premium packaging, paper box manufacturer

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