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In every type of party or celebration there is or we can expect to receive a small detail that can certainly get to catch the attention of the guests, whether they are children or adults, we speak specifically of those small details that are given to guests at a party as a souvenir of the occasion and celebration.

The party ideas can indeed become very varied as well as the options in terms of decoración and details that complement a festivity, which can be said to be almost unlimited and also around the world every day a festive event is in development even right at this moment when you read this, a large number of parties are taking place in the world, then there will always be the need to decorate and organize a party.

And as we mentioned before, handing out a gift at the end of the event is a very common action to observe when planning a party, even many guests look forward to see what kind of gift the host will give.

And of course when it comes to large parties with a large number of guests, large amounts are sought in terms of decoration and everything that has to do with the preparations of a party including of course the party favor boxes.

And as everything we consume today, whether material or immaterial, it must come from somewhere, in this particular case we find the party favor manufactures who are just in charge of the production of such products in order to meet a demand for items of this style which is continuous.

Shelmex and its presence in the party favor world - pinata

We can point out that Shelmex in its beginnings as a manufacturing company its operations in 1996 were related to the manufacture of piñatas, specifically for the export market, either for mexican party or any other type, always offering a totally dedicated and controlled manufacturing service.

Counting and offering to its customers good delivery times totally guaranteed, being this an important aspect for the company to distinguish itself quickly among important customers such as. Walmart, Corona, Dollar General, among many others.

Currently it is a company that focuses on generating projects for private brands, this is something that guarantees its customers more competitive costs, and without the presence of intermediaries, also offering a large inventory which allows to efficiently meet the demand of consumers.

Where it is appropriate to hand out party favors

The truth is that there is no regulation or structure that says in what kind of festivity a party favor should be given to the guests, this is a very personal issue in relation to those who organize the party, as well as they can be willing to give them, they are also free not to do so. So no matter if it is posadas or elegant parties, it is the host who has the last word in relation to this, but if they do, remember that they will want the best for their party, and that is where companies like yours and Shelmex come in.

Shelmex your ally in the manufacture of party favor boxes

If your company is in charge of manufacturing party favors and you need to expand into Mexico, it is likely that you will need someone to help you with the production process in order to meet your company’s sales and order goals.

Just as there are people who look for Handcraft mexican goods to deliver to their guests, there are also those who prefer a more commercial product, but that meets all the expectations that the person is looking for in a product such as a party favors.

This is something that happens everywhere and Mexico is no exception, that is why you can count on Shelmex for the development of your party favor boxes in Mexican territory, thanks to a joint work, either through subcontracting or contract manufacturing, Shelmex will be your great business ally that allows you to continue with your production of party favor boxes, thus expanding your production on Mexican lands leaving aside the need for exports.

Why does Shelmex fit in the production of party favor boxes?

It is important to remember that we are talking about the mass production of one of the components that become part of the creation of a party favor, such as party favor boxes, since this work is similar to the work that Shelmex performs with raw materials such as paper and cardboard.

And the manufacture of boxes is not different to the work that Shelmex develops, so the services of this company fit perfectly within the requirements that your company needs.

Because we are talking about a highly responsible and prepared company to attend and face all the orders and contracts in which it accepts to be involved, you will see Shelmex as that partner that will give you a hand and help you to solve those manufacturing challenges that your company is presenting.

We comply with each of the specifications that the customer indicates to deliver a quality product equal to the one you develop in your company only with the difference of being manufactured in Mexican lands.

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