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If your answer affirmatively to more than 5 of the following sentences, it should be time to reflect on moving your operations to Mexico and thus improve them.

We have a great product, if only we could lower the unit price.

Our labor liabilities have become a heavy burden.

We should be devoted to the creation and improvement of products, not day-to-day manufacturing issues.

We are experts on the development of new products, but there are experts that would help to improve my productivity.

China’s costs are not what they used to be.

Our finished products take too long to get to the USA.

We are concerned about intellectual property and our products being counterfeited for other markets.

There has been situations in which language and cultural differences have affected our product.

Distance makes it complex to visit and supervise on a regular basis our manufacturing facilities overseas.

Working in different time zones reduces people’s availability window.

Having company expats in other countries means many additional expenses.