Contract Manufacturing

You design / we manufacture

Shelmex is your manufacturing partner in Mexico.
We do Contract Manufacturing and in addition we team up with our customer to decide the best combination of Raw Material, Components Supply and Manufacturing Equipment ownership.
Together we identify potential opportunities for some components to be sourced locally.


  • Product prototype, blueprint,
    Specifications / Product Engineering
  • Raw material and / or components
  • Optional production machinery and equipment


  • Manufacturing facility
  • Labor recruitment and management
  • Complete administration of operations and production
  • Process Engineering
  • Production supervision
  • Process management
  • Quality inspection and assurance
  • Compliance with your required standards
  • Import / Export procedures, and permits, and compliance
  • Product Logistics
  • PLUS
  • Best combination of:
  • 1. Raw Material / Components Supply:
    We team up with customer to identify potential cost-effective
    components that may be sourced locally.
  • 2. Manufacturing Equipment Ownership:
    To decide what makes the most sense for your specific operation.

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