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When we talk about the manufacture of wiring harnesses we refer to a series of cables or wires, which are aligned in order to provide an efficient transfer of information or electronic signals.

The amount of wires that we can see included in a wiring harness will depend on the intended purpose of the wiring. As well as, by the amount of current or data to be transmitted so that essential tasks can be completed.

Generally, some method of securing the wires in position is used, which helps to ensure that no problems are created that could interfere with the normal operation of the individual wires.

The use of a wiring harness can be established in a number of different devices, which in effect require the use of electrical current for their operation.

A very common and well-known example is the fact that this type of wiring harness is found in a large number of vehicle engines. This grouping of wires allows power to be transferred to different components of the engine, helping to support its overall operation, thus providing the vehicle with a high level of efficiency.

It should also be noted that when this type of wiring is used, it is normally protected. Thanks to some type of sheathing, but also secured in place with clamps that minimize the possibility of damage to the cables during operation.

Shelmex are wire harness manufacturers and you can trust us with your production processes

If your current production needs have you looking for new manufacturing partners that will allow you to satisfy the production demand that your company currently has or you wish to expand your production to Mexican lands, then the solution has a name: Shelmex.

The first thing we can say is that you will find in Shelmex a company with experience in the field of manufacturing electrical wiring harnesses. It is also pertinent to mention that the cutting and stripping of a wide variety of cables, ranging from awg 32 wire to 535 MCM cable as well as, from single conductor to multiple conductors, you will get it with this company.

Shelmex also works with many types of insulation, including P.V.C., Teflon, Kynar, X-Link, Fiberglass, Dacron/Mylar/Dacron (DMD, which requires hot blades in order to generate a seal in the insulation before stripping) among many others.

Shelmex’s experience as wire harness manufacturers also relates to ribbon cable as well as semi-rigid coaxial cable among other types of special jobs, which have been required by each of our customers, making us also custom wire harness manufacturers.

Why should you trust your wire harness production processes to Shelmex?

If you make the decision to work with Shelmex as your wire harness assembly manufacturer in Mexico, we can assure you that you are creating a very solid and secure partnership. You can delegate everything that has to do with wire harness manufacturing processes in Mexico without any problems, especially if your objectives include cost reduction, production batches, inventory optimization and cash flow.

Shelmex offers its customers an agile and flexible business model, which is characterized by:

  • Always being customer-focused and task-oriented.

  • Generating a fast product launch, which will be supported by experienced teams within engineering and production.

  • A smooth transfer of production lines, with extensive knowledge that allows you to set up and transfer operations efficiently and cost-effectively.

Your company as electronics manufacturer will find in Shelmex just what it needs to delegate manufacturing processes that will help optimize production and therefore sales. So your profits will increase.

As a wire harness assembly manufacturer you must have a certain reputation so your customers know your products and therefore look for more. This has surely made you need an ally in production. Well, it is Shelmex who can become that manpower that your company needs to meet the current production demand.

Electrical wire harnesses, wire harness manufacturers

You don’t need to go through a large number of electronic accessories manufacturers to finally find someone who can help you. Shelmex is characterized by meeting the requests of its customers with quality, responsibility and professionalism in the manufacturing process of each type of manufactured products.

And of course, wiring harnesses are no exception, because attention is paid to every detail that the customer indicates in relation to the manufacture of this product. So, review, organize and detail all the guidelines or parameters that you want to follow for your product and Shelmex will take care of the rest, with total security you will have a product that will fully meet your expectations.

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