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It is no secret that nowadays when we talk about disposable face masks it is inevitable to relate them to the pandemic that affected our world so much. It is also no secret that before this situation occurred, face masks were something we only saw put on the faces of doctors, nurses and other medical staff inside a healthcare facility.

Or we could see them being worn by those patients whose health conditions required the mandatory use of this implement. So it was an item rarely used by the average citizen. Therefore, manufacturing face masks could be said to be at levels far below what we could currently show in numbers.

Unlike now, that for everything we do outdoors we must wear it, the only exception is in our homes, and it is almost one more piece of clothing that we must wear, but it is not a fashion thing but rather a matter of protection.

Nowadays, the use of disposable face masks has increase a lot, unlike many years ago where this health problem related to COVID-19 did not exist. This obviously generates a chain of production, purchase and sale of disposable masks that the manufacturers of this product must address effectively.

The increasing need to have a disposable mask at home at all times, both for children and adults alike, has led people to have to make constant purchases of this product. This is now in its third year worldwide.

And they are a required item at work, at school, in shopping malls, that is to say, in any place where we want to enter or be, the use of a disposable mask is mandatory.

This has caused disposable face mask manufacturers to look for ways to adapt to this increase in the use of disposable face masks and thus be able to cope with the large orders arriving at their factories related to this product.

As their own characteristics, as their name indicates, make them a non-durable product. Therefore, it must be purchased again and again given the current conditions of our world.

One of the options that some factories have chosen to increase their manufacturing processes, or its expansion for a greater scope and therefore, an increase in sales, is the fact of delegating manufacturing functions to companies with the ability to be a face mask manufacturer.

If this is just what you are looking for as a surgical mask manufacturer Mexico then just keep reading.

Shelmex is your best ally for manufacturing your product in Mexico

Whether you need a hospital face mask manufacturers or disposable face masks for sale to the general public, if you have in mind to move the production of your face masks to Mexico, then Shelmex is undoubtedly who you need to partner with to carry out a totally successful manufacturing process. This will allow you to achieve the objectives established with the production, sale and distribution of the disposable face masks that your company develops.

In relation to the work that Shelmex performs as a manufacturer of disposable masks, it is also worth mentioning that it has ERSA CAPITAL, which is a company that works as part of the Shelmex Group, whose work is focused on the manufacture of three-layer disposable masks. ERSA CAPTIAL also has the highest quality standards that this type of product requires.

It should be remembered that this is an article for individual use that also requires special treatment throughout the manufacturing process. So that when these masks reach the user, in addition to being well manufactured, they are free of contaminants and fulfill their function perfectly.

It should be noted that Shelmex has national certifications such as COFEPRIS and international certifications such as FDA that provide security to those who wish to partner with Shelmex in relation to compliance with the various requirements requested by customers.

All the work that Shelmex performs in this area of production is endorsed by accounts such as Arca Continental, Soriana, Oxxo, among others, which verify the quality and service.

Leave your production in the hands of reliable experts

Disponsable Face Mask,face mask manufacturer

With Shelmex you will undoubtedly find an excellent partner to carry out the manufacturing face masks in Mexico. Especially if one of the objectives you are pursuing is cost reduction, as well as production batch sizing, inventory optimization and cash flow optimization.

Shelmex can also help you deal with any kind of significant fluctuations in demand. If your company is located in the United States, Shelmex is only two hours away from the U.S. border. So, the proximity you have territorially speaking, simply translates into much shorter delivery times and smaller inventories.

Finally, your company and the production plants at Shelmex can join together and start a fruitful partnership that will generate positive production results, with the best standards for the manufacturing of quality disposable face masks. Start your alliance now!

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