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We are the ultimate sub-assembly manufacturing partner in Mexico if you are looking to reduce cost, production lot sizes, optimizing inventories, and cash flow.

Shelmex can help you deal with significant fluctuations in demand because we’re just two hours from the United States border with manufacturing plants in the talent-rich region of Monterrey, Mexico. Our proximity to the United States translates to shorter lead times and smaller inventories.

How do we achieve this?

Our Agile and Flexible Business Model

  • Customer-Centric & Task-oriented.
  • Quick Product Launch: Supported by our Experienced Engineering and Production Teams.
  • Seamless production lines transfer: Knowledge to efficiently set-up & transfer operations in a cost-effective fashion.

Physically close and actively engaged

  • English is our Business Language.
  • Strategically Located: In Monterrey, Mexico, Industrial Capital of México.
  • Only at 120 miles south of Laredo, TX.
  • At a short flight away.

Our clients have been able to:

  • Decrease cycle times and responses.
  • Increase your flexibility & reduce its “Time to Market.”
  • Reduce and optimize inventories, improving space utilization and cash flow.
  • Avoid unnecessary delays due to transit time.
  • Reduce MOQ’s.
  • Reduce risks and overall costs.

All the above with the confidence that their Intellectual Property is always safe.

What can we do for you?

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